Much like proprietors of past in this historic structure, the iconic Coker & Rogers building in charming Society Hill, we are a family of ambitious entrepreneurs - The Michael Family Living Trust. 


Our goal is to condition this circa 1832 complex into a general store, retaining much of its past that can be enjoyed in the present, while allowing you to genuinely shop local for needs and wants, onsite and online.  From food, hardware, clothing, sporting goods, antiques, appliances, household goods, and more, it'll be shopping made fun.

The gallery below shows the condition of the structures when acquired in 2020.  While aggressive, our intention is to have a portion of the physical store operable July 4, 2021.  Follow us on Facebook to stay posted on updates.

History of the Coker & Rogers Store -

The Coker General Store was established in 1828 by Caleb Coker, Jr. and Eli Gregg and was originally operated as a partnership under the name of Coker and Gregg until 1839 when Gregg moved to Mars Bluff on the Pee Dee River to operate a store at Mars Bluff.

The building now in use was occupied in 1832 and has been substantially enlarged from time to time. A part of the present building was built in 1861 and was enlarged about 1870, and again about 1900. In 1839, Caleb Coker became sole owner until he was joined by a younger brother, Thomas Coker, who died in 1846. Two other younger brothers joined the firm, Josiah M. for a brief time, and Lewis until his death.

At different times the firm was operated as C. Coker, C. Coker and Brother, and C. Coker and CO. until Caleb Coker's death in 1869. Briefly, it then was operated as L.M. Coker & Co. When Caleb’s second son, William Caleb, assumed the management, the firm became W.C. Coker and Co. with minor interests held by William Coker Wilson, Caleb’s grandson the Thomas Coker, Jr. In about 1895, William’s son, Allen McIver, joined the firm then known as W.C. Coker and son.

In the early days, the store’s service and credit extended widely over what are now several counties, with flatboats running to Georgetown. C. Coker was one of the organizers of the Pee Dee steamboat Co., which ran side-wheelers from Georgetown to Cheraw. The company ended when the steamboat was wrecked in 1837 and 1838. W.C. Coker died in 1907 and the store was reorganized by his heirs as the W.C. Coker Co., with a few shares held by E.D. Fields who was active in the management until 1964.

In recent years the store was incorporated under the name Coker and Rogers, Inc. with members of the Coker Family holding stock together with Arthur H. Rogers. In 1938 at the death of Allen McIver Coker, the management of the store was vested in his widow, Laurie D. Coker, and Author H. Rogers until his death in 1963.

And so, the next chapter begins...